What We Do

We are interested in the structure and function of ion channels at the molecular level. These membrane proteins control the flux of ions across cell membranes and play important roles in muscle contraction, nerve impulse, secretion and more. We study both human and insect ion channels with the aim to understand their molecular mechanism and develop therapeutic and insecticidal molecules. The research in the Yuchi lab takes a multi-disciplinary approach, including structural biology, biophysics, chemical biology, and computational biology.

Structural Biology

We employ two major structural biology methods: x-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy.

Computational Biology

We use the super-computer centre located in TJU to do high-throughput drug screening and protein modelling.

Chemical Biology

We combine fluorescence-based drug screening with stucture-based drug design (SBDD) and fragment-based drug design (FBDD).

Welcome to the YUCHI LAB!

We explore the wonderland of ion channels.

Our Research Focuses

Ion channel-targeted drug/insecticide development

Latest News

Our study on dilated cardiomyopathy has been published in eLife! [Mar 24th, 2022]